Klir nice to meet you

KLIR Company was established in 1984 and is now the leading company in Israel for the manufacture and marketing of consumer products for the institutional-industrial sector.

The company’s clientele constitutes over 5,000 active customers, including: Israeli Security Forces, Nursing Homes, Hospitality and Tourism, the Catering Industry, the Healthcare Industry, Industrial customers and more.

KLIR's human resources number about 220 employees and managers who are constantly leading the company forward.

KLIR is the only company in its sector that has both local manufacturing facilities and leading international partners. KLIR is the strategic representative and the exclusive distributer in Israel of ECOLAB, the No. 1 cleaning brand in the world, and TORK Hygiene which is part of the Essity Corporation.

The KLIR Group has two factories located in Ofakim, which represent the company’s vision to help make the Negev blossom and contribute to the community.

The KLEEN factory for the production of cleaning materials and the OFEK-KLIR plant for the production of hygienic paper products.

The KLIR product range comprises 1,200 different products in 7 separate categories, representing the perfect combination of products:

Cleaning products, paper products, disposable products, PE bags and rolls, household equipment, packaging products and amenities products for the hotel industry.

Also, amenities products under the brand name ‘Sea of ​​Spa’, which are marketed to most of the hotels in Israel.

In the Sales and Marketing Center in central Israel we have 1,000 square meters of advanced technology, a Customer Relations Center and Showroom, which constitute the basis for providing professional service. KLIR's sales network is the largest and most professional in Israel, and specializes in tailoring ‘value for money’ solutions for its clientele.

KLIR's logistics center is located in Beer Sheva, and covers 20,000 square meters of warehouses, offices and showrooms. KLIR's service chain is based on advanced technologies including CRM, WMS, ERP and Roadnet with 25 trucks – every day, everywhere!

The KLIR Group is the owner of "KLEEN" – the cleaning products brand found at every household in Israel.

In 2018 the sales turnover of the KLIR Group totaled over NIS 218 million.