International Activity

KLIR is a company in the INPACS Group, through which it markets convenience products to hotels throughout Europe.

INPACS is a corporation offering a unique Global Supply Solution through a full range of cleaning and hygiene supplies, catering products, guest amenities as well as personal protective equipment and medical assortments to customers worldwide.

The INPACS Group coordinates the negotiations with international suppliers and ensures competitive trading conditions and exposure to global trends and innovation, which we bring to each and every one of our customers in Israel.

Currently INPACS covers all main regions of Europe as well as parts of Eurasia and Australasia. In addition, the global approach of INPACS is further reflected in our global partnerships with organisations such as NETWORK in North and South America, Rapid Clean in Australia and New Zealand as well as Viking Gulf on the Arabian Peninsula.

The INPACS Group has annual sales of more than 2 billion Euros with ongoing activities at 700 marketing and distribution centers in 50 countries.

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