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The manufacturing facilities of the Group are located in Ofakim, and these include two industrial plants covering a total area of ​​approximately 20 dunams.
About 45 workers are employed in the plants – all of whom are residents of the southern region.

The factories are jointly managed, including the departments of Design & Production Supervision, Procurement, Production, Maintenance, Logistics and independent Quality Assurance. All production processes are closely supported by a Laboratory managed by a senior chemist, a team of technicians and quality controllers.


KLEEN - cleaning products factory

30 years’ of experience, advanced technology and the leading experts in their fields have turned the KLEEN factory into the leading enterprise in the field of manufacturing cleaning products and detergents for institutional and retail customers, as well as production of private labels for large entities .

The KLEEN plant manufactures approximately 200 different products in the fields of cleanliness and hygiene. The plant specializes in the production of designated materials for industrial plants, including cleaning materials for conveyors and production facilities, and cleaning products for the food industry, as well as unique materials for vehicles and garages.

Automated production lines and computerized, controlled mixers to create uniform portions ensure maximal efficiency, guaranteeing high quality products.

The Quality Control staff accompanies the production, storage and transportation process, and is an important element in the quality assurance array of the KLIR Group.

Cleaning products manufactured in the KLEEN factory carry the most stringent approvals, including the approval of the Ministry of Health, ISO 9001:2015 and certificate of kashrut.


KLIR-OFEK technologies - paper factory

The paper factory of the KLIR company was established in the city of Ofakim as part of the KLIR vision for the development of industry in the Negev, and has been declared an ‘approved enterprise’.

Dozens of different products are manufactured in the OFEK-KLIR factory. In the factory one finds lines for the production of ‘pop-up’ paper towels, industrial paper, paper sheets, paper towels, plain and printed paper napkins of various sizes as well as an advanced line for the production of toilet paper rolls.

OFEK-KLIR paper products are manufactured with the world's most advanced technology and under strict quality control throughout all stages of production and supply.

Southern product - Israeli pride!

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