Choose right choose KLIR

KLIR is the first Israeli company in its sector that promises a ‘One Stop Solution’ - a comprehensive solution for all customer requirements, from the chain of production through delivery.

We at KLIR carry the banner of innovation, constantly looking after new professional solutions for our customers. Our production plants allow for the provision of diverse and available solutions, while international collaborations allow for customization of savings programs in the fields of cleaning and hygiene, improved results, and a substantial reduction of direct and indirect costs.

We tailor the proper solution to the circumstances of each and every customer. We carefully examine the customer's needs and requests and with our wide professional toolbox we tailor our customers the professional solution the suits them best. We personally accompany every customer, offer branded products according to customers request, training and consulting services, budget management etc. Furthermore, in order to give all of our customers the best service, we set an array of distributers for the private sector across Israel.

We provide our customers an overall solution to their needs from the chain of production through delivery. We consider the quality of our service as a top priority and we strive to deliver our customers at the highest standards. We developed a mechanism of shelf picking that guarantees 99% available inventory at any given time. In addition, the customer gets his orders within 48 hours of the day he made the order.

KLIR provides the optimum combination of a large company, with boutique service. On the one hand – a wide assortment, manufacturing plants, and international brands; on the other hand – a service chain based on a permanent staff and individual support.